I’m in my studio trying something new. I had an idea a while ago without any clue of how to pull it off. Ideas are not the problem. The problem is taking the idea and executing it well…or even executing it at all. Because we all know it is the ideayou  bring to life that becomes open to criticism, comments and your own insecurities. Once the idea is done it is too late to go back. You know where all the mistakes are. You know where you wanted it to go better and it didn’t. You know the rules you broke or the corners you cut in order to get it done. And you know what the idea looked like in your head and how it actually turned out once you brought it to life. Often the two are very different. 

So why have I not executed this idea until now…time. I need time for the idea to percolate in my brain. I needed time to figure out how to make it work. I needed time to gather enough courage to spend the time and energy to try it out…even if I hate the end result. Call this a prototype, a sample, a first draft. Waht ever you call it, I hope I can be proud of it when I am finished. 

So what idea do you have that you need time to execute? I encourage you to give your idea life and take it out for a spin. Give it the time and energy it deserves in order for it to live. Not all ideas are great ideas…yet one idea leads to another, and another and another. Before you know it you are in charted waters paving the way for others to execute on their ideas. TAke a chance…others are waiting to see your brilliance, even if it is a first draft.