I am on vacation this week, and this was my inspiration for today. This is Persimmon the stray cat who adopted us this summer. I found him on our front porch doing what cats do best. Later this evening I found him in a different spot, also asleep. Once he eats, he naps. I realize he likes our porch because he is free to rest without worry of preditors or rain.

There is something amazing about a good nap. It refreshes, it renews, it allows us to be better versions of ourselves. It also means we need to turn off our world in order to let our bodies relax enough to nap. For me the challenge is not wanting to nap, the challenge is trying to relax enough to nap. With busy lives it can seem impossible to feel free to turn life off long enough to nap. 

I’m going to encourage you to stop the world, step off and nap. It will do you a great deal of good AND the world will keep spinning without you…and when you wake up, you can get back on the ride.