We’ve come a long way in modern civilization from living in log cabins without running water or electricity. We live a life with technology and comforts that early settlers may not have imagined could exist, let alone exist in every household in the country. We can go anywhere and do just about anything if we are willing to work hard and pay the price. The current possibilities are endless. There has been so much change in our culture that I am not sure the residents of this home would even recognize us. 

There’s an old joke I’ve heard that demonstrates the differences between the priorities of the generations. A high school student had to ask family members what one modern convenience they would not want to live without. The high school student chose their cell phone. They could not imagine life without it. The parents chose a television. They had grown up with one and could not think how life would be without. The grandparents chose a washing machine. They remembered how much she hated doing laundry, so this was something they would not want to live without. When the great grandparents were asked, they thought for a long time. They looked at each other, then nodded in agreement. They chose running water…

Progress and change have had a great impact on our world. I encourage you today to control the change and not let the change control you. As technology and opportunity come into your world and improve it, be sure you manage that change through your own value system instead of letting the technology control or dictate your values. Change can be overwhelming and bring such new options that we need to think long and hard before taking advantage. We need to  ask ourselves questions like…is this really what I want? Will it make the world better, or only my world better? Who will go without so I can have this? And will it impact my moral compass, or can I continue to believe what I believe and still take advantage of this change? 

Progress is not always positive. To change things cannot stay the same. Think about what you are willing to sacrifice in order to improve…and if you have never thought of that, then maybe today is the day that you think and be grateful for running water. Is it a right or a priviledge? To the people who lived in this house, it was only a dream. Live that dream today as you brush your teeth. Control the change in your life, and be grateful.