Caterpillars change into butterflies. I wonder if they know that when they emerge from their cocoon that they will be this magnificent? Maybe their DNA gives them an inkling, maybe their genetics give them a hunch. Maybe when they are a caterpillar they see the butterfly and dream about being that beautiful…I’m not sure how we would ever know the answers to these questions. And yet like this female Tiger Swallowtail their beauty cannot be denied. 

It would be great to know ahead of time that the change you were about to endure would all turn out for good. Knowing the end result would take away the fear and anxiety as well as the risk. Knowing would accompany a renewed sense of empowerment and pride. Knowing it would all turn out well would be amazing…and yet we don’t know. We do have to take the risk. We do have to endure the fear and uncertainty. We must learn to deal with the anxiety of change. In order to change we need to face all this AND keep moving forward. Change requires courage and stamina in order to survive to the end. 

As you face the changes in your life know that you are not alone in your uncertainty about the future. It takes guts to change your life. It takes gust to even think about changing your world and then being willing to execute the ideas that will change everything. Starting something new, ending something you love – both require courage. If nothing changes then how will your world get better? If you stay the same then how will you grow and see what’s possible? 

So it’s time to dust off your guts and go for the changes you have dreamed about. Be willing to do the work – the hard work, the boring work, the mundane work, the sweaty work – and know that all your efforts and hard work will pay off in the end. There is no guarantee that everything will end on a positive note, that’s where your guts come into play. Being willing to change means being willing to fail. And yet like this butterfly you need to die to yoru fear in order for your life to change…