Have you ever been at that place in your life where you know something has to change, you’re just not sure what it is? Sometimes you need to update your ‘look’, other times you need to update your home. Or maybe you feel like there are ideas just waiting to burst inside you if you only had a way to get them out. Sometimes you need to go back to school to learn something new in order to prepare for the upcoming change. Whatever it is, you can feel that change is on the horizon. 

Change can be both exciting and dreadful at the same time. Change means you are willing to give up what you have to move onto something unknown. It means being willing to allow something to end for new to begin. It means moving forward in courage and not letting that internal fear of the unknown keep you paralyzed. It means leaving the safe and heading for who knows what. If you never take a chance for fear of failure and low moments, then you will never know the gratification and exiliration of high moments. You will be doomed to a life of somewhere in the middle…and who wants to life a life described as ‘middle’?

I once had a mentor tell me never to make life changing decisions at low tide. I would have to  agree with that statement. When you are tired, lonely, angry, frustrated or sad is NOT the time to change your life. If it takes crying yourself to sleep, then cry through the night and let the morning light glimmer onto your tear soaked pillow. Wash your face, brush your teeth, consume your morning beverage and face up to whatever is making you want things to change. In the sunshine of a new day, that is the time to make a decision AND put together a plan for change. 

So change is on it’s way…or you think it might be. Well hooray for you! As you evaluate your life and your world, let the ideas freely flow. Don’t judge, don’t try and figure it all out right away…let it simmer. Let your ideas percolate a little and give them time to grow. The best ideas take time. Give you and your idea time to get to know each other…then let the good times roll. Learn what you need in order to give your change the best opportunity to succeed…and don’t let the fear of not knowing how prevent you from tackling an exciting change.