All of us are busy people. We have many elements of life calling on our time, and each day proposes an opportunity to do more and more. The challenge we have is when to say yes and when to say no. And then when we do say yes, how do we fit it all into our lives?

When I saw this waterfall at a resort, it reminded me about prioritizing things in life. The rocks in thr front reminded me that you have to put the big rocks into your schedule first, then the middle sized rocks, then the small pieces in the remaining spaces. Sounds easy? The only thing you need to make sure you understand is what are the big rocks in your life? What are the most important things to you? Once you know that, what comes next. 

We all have great things we want to d, even it may seem simple or small to someone else. You need to determine the big rocks in your life, and then make decisions and prioritize to support the big rocks. If you don’t respect your time, energy and money enough to make hat you want a priority…then why should anyone else respect you? 

Now all that being said, time changes things. What might have been important to you ten years ago may not be top priority for you anymore. Big rocks can become small rocks and small rocks can sometimes turn into huge boulders. I encourage you today to think about the big rocks in yoru current world, and do they need to remin big rocks. If time and money were no object…what would you REALLLLLLY do everyday? That is what to you is a big rock, so put those in your life first.