I wanted to share this photo. You will need to look closely at the lower right hand corner to see the little ‘traveler’ I saw while waiting for my recently delayed flight…a small, brown mouse. The ironic part of this is that if you look in the upper left hand corner you can barely make out that Tom & Jerry cartoons were on the television screens. So while we all watched this little brown mouse enjoy the tidbits under the chairs, we were entertained by Tom & Jerry being silly. It is amazing how easily entertained you can be when the airport is closed and you anxiously wait to find out if your flight will ever leave. 

Waiting can be the pits. You feel like time is being sucked out of your life and you have no control to change any of it. You are at someone else’s mercy trying to move forward when in reality you have no control over anything that is happening. Helpless, frustrating, boring…and then more waiting. Not just airline travel can feel that way, many transitions in life can make us feel helpless. Change and moving forward take time and effort. And like airline travel you may feel like you have no control on the outcome…and yet you want to get to the end VERY badly. 

Helpless also made we think of this little mouse. Airports are big places with lots of people most of the time. So somehow this little mouse has survived on crumbs and has managed to stay away from people enough to not get crushed. When anyone in the area moved, he moved quickly to a safe place under the chair legs. He waited patiently for the people to leave, then he came out and nibbled away. I hope he is not the only mouse. I mean I hope that he has ‘friends’ that also live in the airport, and that they all work together to survive. 

Helpless makes us appreciate the people around us. It also makes us appreciate what certainty we do have. Helpless also makes us face reality and decide what we REALLY want to do. And yet helpless is a choice. Circumstances may make you feel helpless, and yet in reality you are only helpless if you choose to be. Like this little mouse, you can be overwhelmed by your circumstances OR you can do what you can to keep things moving forward. 

Today I encourage you to not give in to your helplessness…choose to keep moving and providing. Be thankful for what you do have and know that your waiting will soon be over. Life has a way of providing change when we least expect it. Scamper through your day and know that tomorrow will bring new opportunities.