There is something very special between a Father and his child. I remember as a child times when I fell asleep in the car on the way home to only magically wake up in my own bed the next morning. The instrument of that magic was my Dad lifting me out of the car and putting me in my bed, safe and sound. I think Father’s across the globe have that universal, magical power when they spend time holding their children. 

Today is Father’s Day. A day to give thanks for the men who have been an influence in our lives. Some of those men are our biological fathers, some are men who have adopted us, others are men who have served us by acting as our father. And still others have filled in the gaps absent fathers have left behind. It is an amazing blessing to have a father figure in your life, someone to guide and support you, be your friend and source of wisdom. 

Sometime today tell the men you know and love how much you love them…and give thanks for thier influence and impact on your life.