When you travel a lot you learn that the shortest distance between two points may not always be a straight line. Here you see where our flights sits – Orlando – and where we are trying to go – Atlanta. As I am writing this we are almost six hours past our original departure time…with a hopeful 1:00am new departure time on the horizon. 

You learn a great deal about people when you see how they react when they are tired, frustrated and anxious to get home. Some people laugh, some people fume, some invent a new vocabulary for angry, and still others drink large quantities of free beverages. Others frantically work to get home, all too often to no avail. The concept of customer service goes out the window, eventhough the airline ‘apologizes’ for this inconvenience. I think I have a different definition of ‘inconvenience’. 

Myself and two others from our group are stranded together, laughing and joking about the caffeine we didn’t drink because we didn’t want to be kept awake…oops! All of us are trying to get to different places – some to go home, some for vacation, some to see family and a child’s hockey tryouts. All three of us are just taking this ‘inconvenience’ in stride and trying to stay awake until we board again. 

And yet in the entire scheme of things, these are first world problems. Being in Orlando this week there was an overarching feeling of pain and mourning. So much has happened in this city this week, a delayed flight is nothing important – annoying, but not important. 

What is important enough in your world today to make you lose your cool? Or so important that it puts things into perspective? I encourage you today to keep your perspective on what is annoying, what is important, and what is ‘inconvenient’. And once you have that persepctive, think about those who have recently lost a loved one to tragedy…then think again.