When you think of your life and all the experiences you have had, what if you looked at it like a hand woven tapestry? There are the carefully strung foundational strings – your family, your belief system, your abilities and your natural born talents. These are the elements of your world that you carry with you throughout life, they contain and undergird who you are and what you can become. 

As you go through life you add experiences, people, habits and thoughts that each bring a different color fabric to your tapestry. They get woven in carefully as you experience each day of your life. Some pieces seem to be more colorful than others, and some seem to take up more space…yet they all bring their own colorful contributions to your life. As you experience life, sometimes the weaving adds a clear and substantial idea to your world, and yet you may not be able to see how that idea fits into the big picture. The earlier fabrics may never touch or be changed by the later fabrics, yet somehow they all work together to create a brighter and better you. 

Then there are the dark and light stealing fabrics – they bring confusion or doubt, pain or sorrow. We don’t want these fabrics to take up a significant portion of our life tapestry, and yet without the dark we do not appreciate the light. Without the pain we cannot truly revel in joy. So we weave in the dark fabrics and hope to move onto better, more colorful days quickly. Some  people get stuck in the dark days and need help getting back to the light. Some deny the dark and never are able to appreciate the light…and others end their lives in darkness of their own creation. 

As the light and summer-ishfabrics join our tapestry in progress, they bring a peaceful and sunny element to our lives. Affirmation and enthusiasm, playfulness and childlike faith add color and life and excitement to our tapestry. When you start out you may have an idea of exactly what you want your life to turn out to be…and life has a away of taking your idea of your tapestry and turning it, changing it, expanding it in ways you never imagined. And yet it is not until you step back that you can truly revel in the beauty that is your life. Being close to it does not provide the perspective you need to be thankful for the fabrics, and colors, and textures and holes that combine to create your world. 

Step back  and enjoy the beautiful workmanship that has gone into creating your life…and look forward to the new fabrics that will be added in the future. Let the tapestry unfold before your eyes.