This saying was on the wall of an art gallery and store featuring artists from around the country. This gallery features only handmade art, the best it can find. What I liked about the thought was that it accurately portrays exactly what people are buying when they buy art. 

To be able to buy art, someone had to make it. To make art, someone had to have the idea and the skills to turn that idea into reality. To have the skills to turn an idea into reality, someone had to study and practice for hours, months, even years. To have the time to study, someone had to make their work a priority. To make their work a priority someone had to spend time working on their art skills instead of doing things other people do. To spend time on art skills someone had to dedicate a space to create their work and allow it to dry, gel, ferment, or rest before showing it to people. To be able to show their work to people someone had to have the guts to to vulnerable, to be courageous, to be fearless. All that time, energy, effort and fearlessness takes a special creative soul. 

Art is subjective – some people may like your work, others may not. What takes time is finding the people who like your art enough to want to buy it, collect it, tell their friends and family about it. Like this saying says, when you buy art you are actually buying a piece of someone’s soul…how do you put a price on that? 

Next time you are enjoying a piece of art – furniture, pottery, printing, photography – spend the time to admire the art AND admire the person who had the courage and dedication to create it and give away a piece of themselves. Not all of us have the guts to create and sell, so hats off to those brave souls who are willing to give a piece of themselves to make our lives better.