You know being that tired…here is Akari eating her first marshmallow. She has tears in her eyes from being tired, didn’t want to miss a thing, and yet is too tired to enjoy her first roasted marshmallow. She is two and this was her first trip to the US and the East Coast. She caught fireflies, pet our kitties, threw stones in the driveway and frolicked in the grass as she chased balls across the lawn. It was a big trip for her, and here she has had just about enough. Within five minutes she was headed up to bed for the night. 

Sometimes you just need to go to bed and get some rest. We all feel that way at times, and yet may feel pressure to stay with the group instead of going to bed. We can feel over scheduled, unable to say ‘No’, or even guilty if we take time to rest. It can be exhausting to be exhausted. Like Akari, with tears in our eyes we know we are at the end of our rope. 

When we don’t rest, we jeopardize our health and the adventures of the future. We know that as adults, and yet too many times refuse to give in to rest. We think or feel there is more we should be doing. I am encouraging you to get your rest, let the world keep spinning without you…give your body time to recover from the busy, wonderful life you lead. Give in to your physical tired and close your eyes…dream…snore…relax…and refresh. You and your life are worth it. Don’t wear yourself out to the point that you can’t enjoy eating those yummy marshmallows…that’s a treat too sweet to miss. 

I’m going to take my own advice and go take a nap…