It’s about time that a store call itself what it sells…here you see It’s Sugar in Denver, Colorado. It sells sugar, candy, sweets…every thing your taste buds can imagine. I stepped inside and just entering the door gave me a sugar buzz. And yet I had to admit, they are what they say they are…it’s all about sugar. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone was that straight forward? Wouldn’t it be nice if people told you what they really thought, not what they think you want to hear? I know people that provide an answer and I know they are telling me what they think is the answer I want to hear. Either they think I can’t take the truth, or they don’t want to deal with what the truth may bring….either way, I know I am not getting a straight answer. It’s puzzling and a bit annoying. It makes me trust them just  a little less and wonder what they have to hide. Because being human, with a lack of accurate information I make up the parts I don’t know. 

And yet I also know that if people were to be straight forward all the time, I’m not sure we could always take it. There are times I want to be told I don’t look tired, or that my hair looks good, or this dress does not make me look fat…when all those things are not correct. I want validation not accurate feedback. There are times when we all need to hear that it will get better, even if the person has no idea when it will get better. Sometimes we need those we trust to tell us a watered down version in order to ease us into the brutal truth of reality. We need to be warmed up before the big hit hits. 

So next time someone tells you to tell them the truth, be sure you understand that they REALLY want to truth. When they tell you they want it straight and to the point…think about It’s Sugar…do they REALLY want what they are skiing for, and more importantly can they handle it? We all know that sometimes a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down in the most delightful way.