We have lots of chairs in our house, and yet this one seems to be a vistor’s favorite. It sits on our screened porch and allows the person sitting in it to see the house, the yard, and anyone who happens to sit nearby. This chair also is a favorite of our cats…they frequently rest here on summer evenings and during rain storms. My parents bought this chair when I was in my early teens, so it has been in our family for really forty years. 

SOOOOOOO many people have sat in this chair and told their tales. They have shared triumphs and hardship, elation and heartbreak. They have eaten ice cream or consumed a beer. They have relaxed to the point of falling asleep, and there have been others who found it hard to sit on the porch…no noise, no people, no traffic. We have been blessed to entertain and host people from all over the globe who all ended up sitting in this chair. 

What this chair reminds me is to be ready for unscheduled guests. We never know who will need to sit here, even if it is just to sit. We never know how many people will need to rest and refresh from their reality. It also means to we have to be ready. The chair has to be clean, the porch has to be clean, we have to be prepared for the unscheduled. My parents taught me that. We are blessed so we want to bless others…which means we have to be prepared or ready to bless. 

Sometimes we get tired and don’t want to do the chores it takes to keep up – no one enjoys cleaning toilets. No one wants to have to weed the flower beds. And though my husband enjoys mowing the lawn, there are times when he would rather sit inside in the air conditioning and relax. It takes work to be ready, and have our home ready. It also means we have to be committed to blessing others by taking care of what we have been blessed with…blessed to be a blessing takes effort. 

So as I sit in front of this chair I am excited to think about the people and adventures we will hear about soon. We have family coming next week and visitors from across the globe…I can only imagine the wonderful conversations and food that will be enjoyed by the scheduled and unscheduled guest who sit in this chair. 

Are you ready for that unscheduled guest? You never know who might need to enjoy your world while getting a bit if relief from their own.