These two married fifty-six years ago today. It was a Saturday afternoon. Bill had just completed both his German and Calculus finals, and Nancy had recently arrived in Chicago by train carrying a box with the wedding dress she borrowed from her cousin. Her sister Ann was the only family member to attend, and his college friends made up the congregation. After the ceremony they had Mandarin Chinese food and spent the night dancing at the Shangri-La club in Downtown Chicago. Their honeymoon consisted of a ‘drive-away’ vehicle, in which they were paid to drive someone’s car from Chicago to California…they traveled Route 66. 

Theirs is a story of great love and friendship, and the ability to care deeply for someone over the decades. Today they are still inseparable and laugh and enjoy each other’s company more than ever. Time and circumstances have tested them deeply, yet they have always ended up back on their feet – together – facing the world with God by their side. 

Happy Anniversary to my parents. I am blessed to be thier daughter and to call them my friends. To celebrate their anniversary, I hope we eat Chinese food!