At the end of a long week, it is nice to drive the winding roads home. The twists and turns of the roads play with the setting sun to create a peaceful and pleasant journey. As we come to the close of another week, think about all the things you have accomplished this week – bills paid, emails sent, meetings attended, meals made and eaten, houses cleaned, friends met, family taken care of – and give thanks. Your world may not be EXACTLY what you thought it would be or where you want it to be, and yet you are still breathing, still alive, still making your way in the world. So give thanks.

Be glad for the days and weeks behind you, and look forward to the adventures that will come into your future. Let that little glimmer of hope and excitement guide you through your dreams tonight. Know that tomorrow is another day tom are yoru works better…and give thanks. 

That’s it, simple message – give thanks!