Today we installed a new railing system on our back deck steps. The old ones were so rickety and full of splinters that we tore them down last year…and are just now getting to installing the new ones. It took us all afternoon, and he had to ‘patch’ a couple places where we cut off more than we should. Hooray for wood glue and headless screws. 

We bought a railing kit from a big box home improvement store. It was affordable and we could do it ourselves. Here you see my hubby using one of the kit supplied screws…this is one that actually worked. The majority of the screws in the kit bent, stripped or were not long enough. It was a bummer and very frustrating. That is when we had to rely on the expertise of my Dad and his amazing workshop. He had the right wood glue and headless screws, which I had never heard of before. Between my Dad and my husband we were able to get the sets installed. They look great AND are sturdy. There were choice words, short tempers, and a little blood. And yet the job is 95% done, and our stairs are safe once more. 

For me the lesson was being able to rely on the skills of others and their knowledge of the right tools. Being a professional does not mean that you know how to do everything perfect. Being a professional means you know how to fix the problems you create so no one will know there were any mistakes. Professionals are not perfect, they just know how to make it appear so…or at least that is what people think. 

In your world who knows how to do what you want to do, and has more experience and expertise? Maybe it is time to get to know them better,and learn from them how to use the right tools. If I learned anything today, you can get any job done when you have the right tools. Which means investing in tools, learning about tools, and asking others which tools will work to get the job done. Whether it is wood working or a resume, find the right tools and be willing to learn.