This is my niece Therese when she was in college ROTC. Here she is pictured during one of her training camps. She is a real go getter and a great credit to our family. I am also proud that she chose to serve in the reserves and continues to lead ROTC programs. 

It wasn’t long ago that women were not seen as ‘real’ soldiers. They served and yet we’re not allowed to do certain things due to being women. Times have changed, and more equal opportunities are available to the amazing women who serve in our armed forces. They make tough choices – to leave their children, to forgo career moves in order to serve, to participate in a male dominated field in spite of the prejudices they will expereince. The desire to serve their country is more important than the ‘other’ stuff.

This Memorial Day weekend take time to celebrate and thank the women who serve and protect our freedom. In a world where freedom isn’t free, these ladies get up each morning and serve family and country like no one else. Hooray for the women who serve and for the barriers and milestones they have overcome in order to make our world a better place… You go girl!