This is Blue, he stands in our yard and helps us celebrate each wonderful holiday season. Here he proudly wears my grandfather’s helmet from World War I. What you may not have noticed is the bullet hole in the side of the helmet. I’m not sure if the bullet went through the helmet while my grandfather was wearing it…but does it really matter? The fact that there is a hole makes me imagine all sorts of horrific situations where this rounded piece of metal saved a life. By putting this helmet in plain site instead of on a shelf in our attic is my simple and fun way of honoring the men and women who fought across the globe so we could be free. 

My grandfather fought in France. He spent time there near the end of the war guarding prisoners of war. He was young and I’m sure to him France was the adventure of a lifetime. Stay tuned this weekend for more photos of William Benjamin Moore to commemorate his service. 

This weekend I hope you will relax, and rest, and remember that you have the freedom of choice because others gave their lives in service of that freedom. Not only did the soldiers serve, their families are in a form of service as well. They live without their loved one, which is one of the greatest sacrifices of all. Many thanks for the generations of Americans who served to keep us free, and for their families that supported them.