Take a close look at the lower right hand corner of this parking lot. Can you see the cute brown bunny? We were walking through downtown Denver and one of my colleagues noticed this little guy and suggested I take a picture. He sat very still as I drew closer, and was not in any way startled by the cars or traffic or city noises. It struck me as both odd and amazing at the same time. 

Once I took the picture and walked away, I thought about the life of this bunny. Where does he live? What does he eat? How long has he been in this area? How did he get here? So many questions around this strange pairing of this bunny with a parking lot. And it hit me that he doesn’t think it is strange at all…this is where he lives. A parking lot is a strange palce for a bunny to be eating, and yet this is his world. HE doens’t know any different and has made the best of the world he was given. 

What about you? Do you ever feel like a bunny in a parking lot…like you are in the wrong place? As if the world you live in is not where you should be? And then I thought about those who make the best of the cards they have been dealt by life, and they make it work. This bunny didn’t run or hide or act out of fear, he just ate the weeds and enjoyed the sun.

Maybe that is my advice to you today. No matter what life has dealt you, make it work. Be content, eat your vegetables and enjoy the warmth of the sun. Good advice for bunnies and people all over.