I have been traveling a great deal lately. That is not a complaint, more an observation. This evening I arrived at the airport on my way home and encountered a display of flags. Our flight arrived on the international terminal – no idea why – and lots of people of all sorts of nationalities were wandering around waiting for their flights. In my case, I was home and headed to the parking garage to pick up my car for the drive home. I had another hour until I would pull into my driveway and breathe a sigh of relief on being home.

Home – it’s a special word and place for all of us. It means coming to the place where you can sleep in your own bed and eat from your own refrigerator. It means being greeted by mail that has piled up and pets that want lots of attention. Home means kicking off your shoes, washing your face and putting on your comfy pajamas the settle into your home routine.

For some home is an elusive place and term. They have nowhere to lay their heads or if they have a home may not feel safe in being there with an abusive family member. Home may mean sharing a small apartment with multiple generations, or sharing a bed with a sibling. Home may mean cluttered bathrooms or leaky faucets, hot summer nights and cold winter mornings. Home may mean struggling to pay the bills and keep the electricity on, or it might mean packaged food for dinner to make ends meet. Home is still precious, it just may mean lots of struggle.

What does home mean to you? Is it a person a place or a feeling? For me it is all three…my home is full of people and pets I cherish, a safe and warm place to live, and a feeling of being able to be myself. When I am tired it means rest. When I am excited it means projects and fun. When I am anxious it means walking around in our yard at night counting my blessings. As you wake up in your ‘home’ give thanks and praise for having a roof over your head and somewhere to be. Give thanks for the people you love who love you back, and sigh a deep breathe of relief that you can be at peace.