As Americans we are a very educated culture. We value schooling and knowledge and advanced degrees. We spend time working and studying while in college, so much so that many people continue learning through graduate school. Some people go full time to college, some complete their degree while working full time…and some people do a little bit of both. Education and knowledge come with hard work and a committment to learning.

When was the last time to spent time learning something new? Maybe it was something new for oyur job, maybe it was something new for a hobby. Maybe it was unexpected and you learned it without even knowing you wanted to learn it. My husband and I enjoy watching DIY shows. We learn new things by watching others do it, and then we apply what we have learned to our own home. Sometimes we don’t actually like what the people on TV are doing, and yet we can appreciate the effort it takes and the outcome. Often times it is the creativity of others that encourages us to be creative ourselves.

Professionally I help people learn things – about themselves, about their jobs, about how to become a better version of themselves. It is a blessing to be a part of people learning…it helps me learn more as well. I see how people can change and  it gives me courage to change. Learning gives us power and forces us to do something with our new knowledge…or at least we hope people will do soemthing with their new knowledge. To know and stay the same seems quite a waste. It’s a real shame to be given the opportunity to learn and grow and then to let that opportunity pass you by.

So when was the last time you spent time leanring soemthing new? Was it by reading or watching a video, watching a TV show, or attending a class? By valuing knowledge we must admit that we don’t know and we want to know more. We admit that someone else may be better at something than we are, and we want to learn from them. By learning we expand our own world which in turn enlarges the future. When we stop learning we stop growing…stagnation and complacency soon follow. Take time today to learn soemthing new, even if it is the definition of a new word or how to use a different tool. Value your knowledge and your life enough to learn something new!