I spend a lot of time in hotel rooms. That means I see a lot of hotel room art. Here you see an example of two pieces from outside the hotel elevator. They are originals and great examples of artists being on display in hotels. I like seeing originals that provide a unique perspective AND that I don’t see in every hotel lobby.

The alternative is the current ‘art’ hanging in my hotel room. I stay in the same hotel when it town, and no mater what room I am Brooke D into the art is the EXACT same four pieces. They are boring, generic and quite sad. In every room it is the same four pieces, framed the exact same way, hanging in the exact same grouping. There is another example of generic art in the bathroom…and it is in every bathroom. The same two over used prints hang over the sofa in every room. Somewhere some decorator thought this was all a good idea. They bought in bulk and then arranged in bulk. The even more sad news is that when I was in this same hotel chain in another city…the art was EXACTLY the same.

Many people think that travel is glamorous. Those of us who travel a lot for work know that it isn’t. Travel is often the necessary evil of doing a great job. To do good work you need to go where the people are, and that may mean traveling. There are lots of ways to survive all the travel, enjoying art is obviously not one of them…at least from what I’ve seen. Original art like those shown here can make things interesting.

Today is the day for you to focus on being an original. It’s easy to recreate the same thing over and over again…it takes guts to be original. It takes more effort to do things right, it takes more thought and time and energy to be inventive. Make the effort today to be unique and know that the end result will be worht it.