This is a Bengal Tiger Lily…isn’t the light amazing! It is almost as if the lily is illuminated from within. When I passed this in the local nursery I had to stop and take this picture to simply remember that light. 

Isn’t that what photography is all about – capturing a moment so we can relive it at a later date? Think about how many photos you have on your phone…and why is that? If you are like me, you have all those photos so you can remember special times and people and places. And I hope you are like me and you spend time reviewing them to actually relive those special times and people and places. 

Unfortunately I have noticed that we are becoming so obsessed with getting the shot of the moment, that we forget to actually experience that moment. We want to remember in photo yet we have not actually lived it yet. So I encourage you today as you pick up your camera phone to snap a shot, make sure you have actually LIVED the moment first. Makse sure like this BEngal Tiger Lily that you enjoy the light before you capture the light.