Check out these close up hydrangeas…they are subtle and pink and delicate. An interesting fact about this flower is that it changes color depending upon the soil in which it is planted. The same bush can bloom pink or blue or purple depending upon the acidic value of the soil. 

I was in the airport today watching all the people walking. The best people watching happens at the airport, especially when there are delayed flights. Everyone from vacationers to suit wearing business people…kids going to Disney or grandparents heading off to a cruise….everyone had a flight to catch. As I watched all these people going back  and forth, I wondered what made them different? Why were some more successful than others? Why did some seem more content than others? Why were some miserable eventhough they were boarding a flight to Bermuda? What made the difference?

While I was waiting for my flight I was scanning my photos and found these hydrangeas. I thought the two things were actually related. This flower grows differently depending upon the soil in grows in…and people grow diffently depending upon the environment in which they are raised. When we encourage children they grow up with hope. When we teach them solid values and principles they grow up with respect. When children grow up with criticism and anger they grow up to live in fear. So depending upon the soil in which they are planted, children grow up differently. 

If you are a parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent, mother, father or just love children…take time to give the wee ones in your life good soil. Clean out the weeds and build it up by putting good nutrients in, so good growth can occur. If you are an adult with hope and respect then thank the adults who helped you get there. Give thanks for the good soil in which you were raise, and give it back to the next generation.