In life we have smooth days and rough days. We can’t always control which days will be smooth and which will be rough; what we can control is our reaction to them. This palm tree bark made me think about the rough days and times of life. 

As I look back on my greatest lessons learned, they were usually the result of rough times. You know those times when nothing seems to be going your way, when life seems to be doing all it can to disappoint, and when life goes anything but your way. Those are the times when you find out what you are made of, what you really believe and are willing to stand for. These are also the times when you find out who are your real friends. Anyone can support you when things are going well. Your REAL friends will be there when times are good or bad. 

Rough times are when you dig in and diligently strive to get through. It is when you wonder if you are doing the right thing or maybe on the wrong track. It is when your emotions seems to be near the surface and simple elements of life seem to wear you down. Tired, sad, bored, angry, confused, frustrated, and simply worn out describe how you feel. It can seem like a roller coaster ride from morning until bedtime. 

Good news is rough times never last. Better news is we all have rough times. It’s not just you, everyone has times in life where things go up and down. The best news of all is that rough times test us and we grow stronger as a result. What’s the saying, ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’. Rarely do teh rough times kill us, they just make us doubt ourselves until we make it through even stronger. It could be said that rough times are the foundation of who we are; they support us through everything else. Rough times are sort of like this palm tree’s rough, it shows the marks of times and tough elements, and yet it has survived the storms and is still standing. Don’t let the tough times get you down. Think of them as times that will build the foundation and lessons of your future. Think of them as the rough truck on which your beautiful tree will stand…