As you know from any of my other posts, I am neither a cook nor a foodie. I eat to stay alive and do not enjoy preparing food. I eat beacuse if I don’t I will die. I can cook, I just would rather not…other people do it better than me. My husband is a great cook and prepares 99% of our meals. Hooray for talented husbands.

I also want to say hooray for all the people who toil to grow, raise, manufacture our food. I do not like the grocery store, yet I am grateful that we have grocery stores. I’m glad we have choices and a vast selection, and can pretty much eat anything we want at any time. As Americans we have an incredible distribution system for the products we consume, and 24×7 can find something to eat – healthy or not – we have incredible options at our fingertips. 

There are WAY too many people in this world who will go hungry today purely because they cannot afford food, or there is not enough food in their area, or they cannot grow the food they need to feed their family. Children will go to bed hungry and will wake up still hungry. Mothers will weep because they cannot provide an meal for their children. Fathers will work multiple jobs to provide one meal a day fortheir  sons and daughters. 

Today I want you be thankful for the food in your refrigerator, and the fact that you even have a refrigerator. Be blessed for the many edible treats, delights, nutritional morsels you can ingest today. As you set your table or pull a fork out of the drawer…give thanks that you have food to eat and will enjoy the blessings of a good meal. Savor today the feeling of full stomach thankful.