We had a windy thunderstorm this afternoon. When I went outside I could almost hear the foliage and fauna breathing a sigh of relief. How wonderful it is when God waters our world…well, most of the time. 

Rainy days for me always make we want to take a nap. When the sky goes grey and the outside is not a place you want to be, the cool refreshing breeze makes me want to rest and relax. There is something peaceful and serene about enjoying the rain without actually being in the rain. We have a screened porch for just this purpose. 

Then there are rainy days where torrential winds and water invade and destroy and flood our spaces, leaving behind devastation and destruction. Strange how something so vital to our lives when experienced in too large of a quantity can become brutal. Too much of a good thing can ruin anything. Isn’t that true for most things in life? A manageable quantity is enjoyable and makes our lives sustainable. Too much becomes a problem and a burden bordering on the overpowering or addictive. Moderation in all things – even water – makes each day a blessing.

When the rain was over I ventured out and saw this leaf covered with dribbles and drops…clean and beautiful. It received enough rain to live and grow and thrive. Any more rain and it may have been drowned or washed away. It made me think of the times when I get too much of a good thing – sweets, tv, friends, family, work, food, etc – and how overpowered I feel. Today I encourage you to practice moderation. Stop working at a reasonable time so you can unwind. Stop watching tv to spend time with your loved ones. Stop eating when you are satisfied so you can live a long and healthy life. Stop being fearful so you can celebrate YOU. Moderation is not a bad thing, it is a vital thing…experience just enough to keep life worth living!