This is the first daisy of our summer. It bloomed yesterday afternoon. With this bloom comes the surprise of other blooming things, mosquitos, fire flies and marshmallows cooked over a fire pit. Summer means we can walk barefoot in the grass and listen to ‘peepers’ chirping throughout the night. The whippoorwills are back and so are the blue birds. The baby deer spend the twilight hours eating our violets, and the moths buzz around the outside lights until dawn. 

These are the long Summer days when time seems to give us a break from being over worked and super scheduled. Summer is when being relaxed is not only allowed, it is encouraged. Summer is when we think of vacations and adventures and seeing new places. It is when as children a summer day seemed to last a week, and summer vacation seemed to last for an eternity. Summer is when we were able to dream and relax and enjoy fireworks, hamburgers cooked outdoors and running through the cool evening grass playing tag with the neighbor kids. Time and life seemed to move at a slower pace and peace can be felt like rain on your shoulder. 

AAAAhhhhhh the lazy days of summer. They are here in our part of the world and will be here for many months to come. There will be humidity and rain and too many mosquitos and not enough air conditioning. There will be early morning sunrises and late evening sunsets. There will be picnics, brownies and lemonade…sunburns and refreshing runs through the sprinklers. AAAAhhhhhhh the lazy days of summer. 

I encourage you to enjoy this time of year without planning anything in particular. Make it a point this summer to just let it be summer without over scheduling or super planning or organizing your world. Just let it be.