The adventures of Persimmon continues. He is the stray cat that I started feeding many months ago, and now we are friends. He is a very talkative cat, very vocal…it’s almost as if he is announcing his movements by meowing all along his path. When he wants us to feed him he meows very loud AND keeps talking. This morning I heard him in his regular spot on our back porch and went downstairs to feed him…but I could not find him. I heard him again, but no cat on the back porch. 

I found him on our front porch, relaxing and just enjoying the cool morning. He had to walk from the back porch through our kitchen and front hall to get to the front porch. Here you see how I found him, as if he was king of the world and belonged on our front porch. That’s what happens when people get comfortable…

Once people know us and we know them, we all begin to behave like the person we really are. We let down our guard and show everyone our true selves…even if that includes warts and blemishes, farts and burps, bad habits and annoying practices. It all comes out in the end. And isn’t that what we all really want? Aren’t we all searching for people who know all about us – the good, the bag and the ugly – and want us to be around anyway? They enjoy and love us for ourself, not the person we think we should be…our true self. 

These are the people you can call at 4am when you get a flat tire. These are the people who hold you when you have been crying all afternoon and your eyes are puffy slits in your face. These are the people you tell big news to first and seek advice from when you are puzzled. These are the REAL people in your life…the real friends. They are the people who give you that sense of belonging and urge you on to become the best version of you. 

So hooray for the true friends in our lives. Hooray for the people who REALLY know us and love us anyway. Take time today to send them a note or word of thanks. Cherish these people and work very hard to find more of them…everyone needs REAL friends.