This was a sign in front of an Arts & Craft store…I saw it as bekoning me towards a bright light. It was as if it was calling to me to come inside and think big thoughts, dream big dreams and figure out how to make the ideas in my head turn into an actual creation. 

It seems like such a simple word, and yet it can erupt into fits of mad passion where crayons and paper and ink and glue become invincible towers, forest animals or maybe a simple garden flower. It can draw the best out of us and sometimes make us feel paralyzed. Creativity is a thing we all have and yet too many of us never embrace it. We live in a world where we are sometimes taught to stay within the lines or play it safe. We are asked to conform and live our lives not taking any risks or chances; the goal it to make people comfortable and safe. 

No one did anything great by playing it safe. No one who invented or changed or imagined the impossible ever did it by being timid or fearful. Great ideas, great accomplishments, great change requires risk…it almost begs for it. Being creative is taking a risk. What if people don’t get it? What if I fail? What if all my efforts do not get me where I dream of going? What if after all my efforts and energy and hope…I end up no better than I started? What if? 

And yet just by trying you will succeed. By giving in to that creative animal inside your soul whether the world acknowledges you as a success or not, you are success. By unleashing the beast inside you, the creative thoughts ideas and images, you are allowing yourself to BE yourself no matter what. Being creative does not guarantee that you will be validated by the world around you, the goal is to believe in yourself first. Let go of the idea that it matters what other people think and just do it, create it, imagine a world where your contributions change things. Even if they only change your world, they have changed things…they have made your world better. And isn’t that enough? Aren’t you worth seeingyour  ideas come to fruition even if for a while you are the only one who knows about them? 

Yoru challenge this week if to unleash the beast that is your inner creativity whatever the method and do something to stretch your world. MAke a difference to yourself…let the nest out of the cage and be amazed at what it can do!