Here we have mother and son enjoying a meal together…chatting, advising, sharing. No matter what age we are, sometimes we just need to talk with our Mom. This gentleman is fortunate enough to be able to share a cup of coffee with his Mom while enjoying a simple meal. Today is Mother’s Day. It is our national holiday to give thanks and recognize our mothers. Did you know that when people had phone lines in their homes this was the day when phone cuircuits were busiest…above any other day. Across the country this is the universal day to call your Mom.

What happens when your Mom is not someone you wanted to be around? I have a dear friend who’s Mom is…well, in her words, “bad news”. She is her mother in genetics only; it was another woman who actually raised her to be the person she is today. I have another friend who never knew her Mom. She was raised by her Dad. And still another friend of mine was adopted and only knows her adopted Mom. My point is that the word Mother does not have to apply to the woman who gave birth, it can mean many other women who helped you develop into an adult. The point of today is to be thankful to the  woman or women who were there for you along your path to adulthood. 

For all you know, YOU may be that woman for someone else…or may need someone to be that woman for you. The best part about being a mother is being able to watch your children grow into successful adults – whatever your child’s definition of success happens to be. Motherhood means sacrifice, and care, and discipline, and consistency. It means love and hope and giving your children the ability to dream and dream BIG! It means caring when they fail, and picking them up when they fall. It means giving of yourself and getting them to school on time. It means instilling in them the values and attributes we seek in others; helping them to learn to live the golden rule. 

So no matter who the person was in your life that fits the definition of Mother, give them a call…tear up those phone lines and let them know you appreciate their love and efforts. Let her know she made a difference in your world. If you can, grab a cup of coffee with her and give her a hug of thanks…she deserves it.