There are times when we see beauty and walk right past it. Sometimes beauty appears and we see it but don’t have time to admire it. And then there are those moments when you look up and see the beauty and everything stops…including you. Here you see one of those moments. I was walking through a strip mall and happened to look up. It was a great opportunity to be able to suspend the world and admire something greater than myself.

All of us are really, really, REALLY busy people. I don’t just mean what we do with our time, I also mean what is going on in our heads. We have ideas and schedules and facts to keep straight, while trying to do our jobs, live our lives, love our families. Sometimes fleeting moments of brilliance occupy our thoughts only to slip away because they are forced out by all the other noise. So what are we so busy ‘doing’ and ‘being’ that we can’t hold on to beauty and brilliance? Both are there yet slip through our lives like water through a strainer…the more we try, the more quickly they seem to flow away. 

Today is the day you need to stop and enjoy the beauty AND allow yourself to absorb and synthesize your brilliant ideas. No one denies that you are busy, what I’m asking you to think about is this…are you willing to be so busy that you miss the gifts of beauty and ideas you are given each day? Will the idea or beauty last until you have time to get back to it? Probably not. Stop and wait for it…the world will still revolve around the sun AND your world will be better for it.