This is a panoramic view of our new gallery space at Westside Market in Atlanta, Georgia ( My husband and I spent the day arranging the space, hanging the Art, fixing the lighting. For us it is fun work, and a risk. By moving into this new space we are expanding, which is a risk. It’s exciting and makes my head swirl with possibilities…and there is a small sense of dread. Overall we are very enthusiastic and blessed to have this opportunity. 

When you take a risk it means you move towards something for which you are not 100% certain. It means you have hope that it will turn out well, but there are no guarantees. It means you are willing to put your actions behind your words and push forward. Taking a risk means you are willing to do the work to make things happen. Above all else, risk means you are willing to face failure straight in the eye and stare it down…sometimes with a big gulp!

Taking a risk means you might fail. And if you risk often enough, you will eventually fail. I am amazed at how many people think failure is such an awful word. It’s negative, or bad, or fatal. Failing only means that you tried, and it didn’t work…simply that, nothing more. Being able to risk means you are willing to deal with the consequences of failing. 

I know many people who live very safe lives. They face each day with a steady, safe plan and risk very little. They expend their energy being politically correct or doing the right thing when it comes to office politics. They are so very concerned about what people think and about NOT failing that they are barely able to make a decision on their own. The fear of doing wrong or being wrong or being perceived as wrong nearly stops them in their tracks. It’s like living your life only serving vanilla ice cream because it is the easiest choice that will please all the people. 

Me, I’m a cookies and cream kinda gal…or raspberry sorbet, or better yet grape sorbet which is almost impossible to find. During the holidays I like peppermint ice cream, the kind with little candy pieces mixed inside. I only eat vanilla when it is the only thing on the menu…otherwise, I choose something else. What about you? Are you willing to risk it all and face failure? Is there something that you are grappling with to move you forward, but fear keeps you in the same place? Are you spending your time watching tv instead of creating ideas that could end up on tv? What is the worst thing that could happen? You fail, then what? You get up, and you might fail again…ok, so you try again and keep going until it works. 

If no one ever risks, then how does the world change? If no one risks, then where do the new inventions and technologies come from? If you never risk, when will your life change? Step away from serving vanilla and move towards the thing that totally makes you YOU! Have the courage to hang your idea out there and see what happens…step away from the vanilla!