I traveled internationally this week, and was very glad to get home. It is wonderful to drive up your driveway and heave a huge sigh of peace. This is a shot of our front door…yes we are flag waving Americans. 

As Americans we have a stereotype. We are enthusiastic and say “Awesome!” all too often to describe too many things. We think big and too often think we are right. We can be self-focused and enthnocentric. We are passionate about our ideas and our country, and are not afraid to share our opinions. We live in big spaces and we take for granted the privileges we enjoy each day like unlimited water, electricity, and the ability to do whatever we want. Usually stereotypes have a beginning in some truth, and the consistent behaviors people exhibit all too often support that stereotype. 

While I spent time with my international colleagues, I too behaved like the stereotype. I said “awesome” all too often, and was then greeted by my colleagues with a big smile and a thumbs up…then a giggle. I was enthusiastic and full of ideas and I kept talking about the US and how we do things. The people I was with were very patient, and in the end enjoyed our time together.

When I arrived home to see the flag waving and welcoming me, my heart was warmed. I am proud to be an American and glad I live in a land that provides such freedom and space. I was glad to support the stereotype. I was glad and generous in making fun of myself and letting others do it as well. At our core we Americans are glad to be enthusiastic, think big and use the word “awesome” too often. In our world, things are awesome and we proudly vote to keep it so. I encourage you to be a proud American and spend your day being awesome!