Today I walked through this door and down the ramp to travel out of town. If you have ever flown, you know the mystery that is the boarding process. We stand in line waiting for our turn, to only wait in line again at the end of the ramp, then one more time once you get onto the plane. Line after line, wait then wait again…eventually you get to your seat, store your luggage and settle in for the flight. The reward is hopefully an uneventful flight with maybe peanuts and a drink. 

When you’re in an airport, you know what is coming. The only real surprises are the delays and cancelled flights…and maybe the bad food. Eventually you know that you will get to your final destination. In life that is not always true. Sometimes we open a door to only find that nothing but trouble lies within. Every way we turn we end up in a mess. If we don’t turn around soon, we end up too far down the road to make it home alive. So my advice in these circumstances is to run, and run quickly. Once you have realized that you want to change your direction make no delay and head in another direction. 

Sometimes doors lead to pain, disappointment, even finality. Things come to an end – relationships, jobs, lives – and we must deal with sorrow, pain, depression…all of which leave us feeling numb and useless, maybe even shaken about ever being happy again. Then there are doors in life where we find joy and peace and happiness and wonderful challenges. We face opportunities to learn about ourselves and find out what we are capable of doing. We face our fears and have wild roller coaster like adventures learning what we like and what we don’t…we figure out what we believe and what we stand for, we learn who we can trust and who trusts us. We also learn how to get up when we are knocked down and how to survive bad days using tubs of ice cream. 

All in all we never really know what will be behind the door, so we simply need to muster the courage to go through full steam ahead. Unlike the airport, the doors in life are unpredictable. We can choose to avoid them, and stay in the same place where we have always been…or we can throw our hesitation to the wind and step through with confidence and hope. Like the airport, if you never go through the door you won’t end up at your chosen destination…you simply end up frustrated, bored, lonely and sitting in uncomfortable seats. My challenge for you today is to open the doors you are facing and go through to the new adventure…rule your fear don’t let fear rule you.