Day after day we use letters and numbers to communicate our messages. We text or tweet, post or note hoping to get our message across to the intended audience. We spend time crafting the message in just the right words to inspire or challenge or enthuse or express admiration…we use words every day to convey and communicate. 

Too many times we text, tweet, post or note and expect people to understand. Communicaiton is not a monologue, it is a dialogue. When we communicate our way we assume that because we said it, people will act. Now you and I know that that is a poor assumption. Real conversations take both sides contributing to the final result. Both add something and without them both the end result bombs, or at least misses the mark. No matter the right words you use, if it is only one sided then you are really in the conversation all by yourself. 

Don’t fool yourself today, work toward conversations where both sides contribute…not just particpate. People want to know what you have to say, so communicate it by inviting people to join in the fun. And if you really want your message to move beyond just delivery, give it away for others to carry forward and make it better. You might be surprised how your ideas can impact those around you, all you have to do is dialogue not monologue.