This is the first Iris of Spring…a lone bloom amongst the entire patch. It may not end up being the prettiest bloom or the brightest or the most vibrant…but it is first. With no other blooms around, it gets all the attention. 

Sometimes we make being first the most important thing, when it is really only one thing. We think that first makes it best…when it really only means that it was done before anyone or anything else was done. 

Trying to be first does not allow us to compromise quality, or content or character. Above all else, always producing quality whether you end up being first or last. Sometimes it is not important to finish first, it is more important to finish at last. 

Last or first, let quality be your guide not speed. Like this lone bloom, which will fade long before some others even get started, leave behind work that inspires others and no one will care when you got it done.