I am in Toronto, Canada this week…what happened to Spring? I arrived and it was around 40 degrees outside. I actually had to pull out my turtlenecks, boots, and I brought sweaters and a winter coat. I’m glad I did, I was a little toasty on the flight, yet comfy once I hit the outside. When I was riding in the cab from the airport to my hotel (which is about all I will see this week) I saw these poor dried plants on the side of the road…they made me appreciate Spring. 

As I was passing all sorts of dry and weather worn plants, I appreciated where I live. Yesterday at my house I was wearing shorts and planting flowers in my yard. Our cats were frolicking in the yard while my husband was basking in the sun with his shirt off to counteract his winter pasty skin color. It was a perfect Spring day with wonderful things to do. This time of year we are enjoying green leaves and plants popping out the ground at regular intervals. 

How often we take for granted where we live, until we see how other people live. We forget to be thankful for the beauty around us, until we see that other places may not have the same beauty to enjoy. We take for granted that sunny days will last, then travel to places where they are still waiting for some sunny days. No matter where you are today, be grateful for the busty around you. Be grateful for the season, be grateful for Spring…either it’s coming or going…be grateful no matter what.