In the past year or so I have been traveling much more often. In fact almost twice a month.Which means I turn my life over to complete strangers who operate equipment I cannot even begin to understand. This is an old cockpit, hopefully not anything like the ones in the airplanes where I am a passenger. But this picture made me think about the people who fly commercial airplanes, and we not only trust them with out lives…we pay them. 

There are all sorts of people we do not know who impact our lives – cab drivers, chefs, electricians, computer analysts, bankers, sales people…the list goes on. Did you prepare your food today, or did someone else? Did you make your meals from scratch, or did any portion of it come already made? Did you change the oil in your car, or did someone else? Did you make all the items you interacted with today, or did you buy some of them from a store? There are countless ways that complete strangers have an impact in our world, yet we have no idea who they are or what they really do. Yet we turn over our money and use something someone else completed…and we do it all the time. 

So today I am grateful for the people who are good at thier jobs, and I have no idea of who they are or what they do. It might sound silly, but I am thankful for the people who do all sorts of things that I am not able or willing to do myself. They have skills, resources, talents and know how that I can not imagine. They make, build, cook, create items that make my life better, which gives them a job and that makes their lives better. So give a loud cheer today to the people you don’t know who do their jobs well and make your life better…