Witness the passing of the knowledge. Here you see my nephew working on his first piece of woodworking. He came to visit this weekend to learn from his grandfather…how cool is that? Like all good crafts people, the process of learning includes actually doing, adjusting, learning more, advancing, then completing. I look forward to watching this piece progress. I have great hope for future furniture that my nephew can build with his grandfather. 

Many of us have spent countless hours learning and perfecting our talents….be those corporate based or artist ones…developing talent is the same in both arenas. It takes practice, pressure, time and lots and lots and lots of daily exercise of your skills. It takes experience and the ability to face failure, learn from it, then try again with the same sense of passion as when it was novel and new. It takes a willingness to explore your strengths and weaknesses while learning new techniques and methods. The greatest challenge leaders, artists, crafts people have is not allowing their skills to grow stale. What you did ten years ago, five years ago, or maybe even last year may not be enough to get you where you want to go in the future. 

As you think today on your future, what are you willing to learn – and from who – in order to take your craft, your skills, your talents to the next level? If you know who you want to learn from, have you reached out to them to ask for their assistance? If not, what is holding you back? Be confident and courageous…if it takes traveling, then travel. If it takes time,  then make the time…if it takes courage, then muster the courage. Be willing to learn from an older generation in order to start your own journey toward excellence.