I recently attended an art show, and for this artist their booth included works in progress. They painted while people milled around, and then leaned their latest art pieces in the back of the booth. Not only is it amazing to see someone’s finished works, it is astounding to watch them create it live. The process of painting is lively, energetic, and full of layers – it requires concentration and passion and discipline. Being able to do all that while people are watching provides a great example of focus. 

Focus means applying all your energy to one single thing, action or place. It means being able to turn off the distractions and concentrate without flinching. It means not worrying about what other people need, think, say, or do until you have completed your task. Focus is another way of saying it’s time to put the world on mute…and keeping it there until  you reach your destination. Sometimes I am distracted by too many things to do, and not knowing where to start. Or not knowing which thing to do first in order to progress forward. Or being challanged on how to get everything together to get started. The list goes on, and on and on…

What in your life requires focus? Do you have a goal you want to reach? Do you have something you want to change in your sphere of influence that needs extra effort? So what prevents you from reaching a state of focus? Technology, work, people, television, chores, busyness…or something else? Being able to focus means remembering what you want and being willing to set things aside in order to get it done. The hard part is not always focusing, the hard part can be remembering what you want ENOUGH to focus…which means you have to want something. Set your mind toward what you want AND then be willing to set aside the role in order to get what you want. Your life, your dreams, your goals are worth the effort…so focus.