These are magazines that have been coiled together to create wall art. I like the fact that someone took the time to create something new from something used. I appreciate their vision and planning and fore thought in order to gather the materials for their idea. 

When you create or want to invent something new, do you do it spontaneously? Are you willing to wing it? Or do you need to plan and prepare and design each step before starting to create? Some of us need the freedom that comes with spur of the moment creating, and others need the method and system of creating via a process. The point is you need to know what works best for you when you are inventing, creating, developing something new. 

So how do you create? What is the best environment for you to feel creative and produce? And how do you create that environment? Sometimes it means a dedicated space, sometimes it means the kitchen table. Sometimes it means sitting on a bench in a park enjoying the people as they wander past. Sometimes it simply means putting the rest of your world aside to create a mental space for your ideas to flow. As you begin a new project or idea take time to create an environment where you will be successful. Whatever it takes…do it. Your final creations will be worth the effort.