I work with people all the time who have a limited tool set. It’s sort of like the old saying, ‘If the only tool you have is a hammer, then you approach every problem like it is a nail’. Too many of us approach the world like it is full of nails…because we only know how to use a hammer. Maybe it is time to update your toolkit.

More tools means you need to not only know how to handle the tool, you need to know how to use it. If you ask any practitioner of a craft, you can only know how to use a tool by using it. Which means practice, practice, failure, failure, practice, practice and more practice. It means hours alone with your tool learning how to make the idea in your head end up as your creation. It also means being open to learning from someone who knows how to use the tool. 

Somewhere between practice and learning, teaching and trying you begin to develop your own ‘voice’. And with time your voice becomes your concept and your signature work. It takes time and effort to improve your skills AND not only know how to use the tools but make them your own. Whether it is taking a class, a seminar, a workshop or trial by error…set a goal for yourself to learn how to use a new tool. How boring the world tends to be when everything is a nail…your ideas and your life are worth the investment.