Here is another sign we encountered at the local antique show. I had a good laugh that wayward men are actually bad boys that need to be better…according to who? And how do you institutionalize young men and turn them into better young men? Sad that when you deviated from the ‘accepted’ path you were taken somewhere so they could make you better. 

Over the course of our lives we encounter, experience, and extrapolate in order to figure out who we really are. And once we know who we are, we then seek out people who will accept and love us for our true selves. It can take a lifetime to figure all this out, it doesn’t usually come together in one fell swoop. We get to have joy and pain and confusion and self doubt all along the way. We also get to interact with people who say they like us or love us or will be there for us, only to disappoint. And we get to be blessed by people who will entrench themselves in our hearts and never leave us wanting. These true gems of the human race are the ones who pick us up when our car has broken down at midnight on a rainy night. These are the friends who comfort us when we are low, and celebrate our victories when we break through walls. These are the people who make it fun  to get out of bed each day and share this adventure called life. 

We all know that not everyone is going to like us. And we know that we are not going to like everyone. And both of those things are ok…if you can get the standard of what is ‘accepted’ out of your head. The goal is not to be accepted, or fit in, or not stand out…the goal is to be you. There is only one you…only one. No one else on earth is exactly like you…no one. So today as you look in the mirror while getting ready to begin your day, celebrate each bump, line, wrinkle or laugh line you  see. Enjoy each grey hair and drooping body element…it means you have had experiences and adventures enough to make their mark on your face. Enjoy leading a wayward life, one that not everyone will understand. It means you have embraced YOU no matter what anyone else thinks.