Have you ever had one of those days when this sign seems to apply to your every waking moment? Maybe it feels like a really bad Monday eventhough it’s Thursday? Or maybe it is that day when you feel like everyone around you is crazy and you are the only one who has your cheese still on your cracker…yikes! Those are REALLLLLLY crazy and stressed out days. 

We saw this sign at an antique warehouse and I had to snap a shot. It made me laught that the asylum is for women only…what’s up with that? I guess when this sign was hung women who ‘acted up’ were a problem. I’m glad those days are far behind us and women are free to speak their minds…in most countries that is. 

We live in a country where we value freedom of speech, and that freedoms is precious. It also means that we will defend that freedom, even if we don’t agree with what someone else is saying. It may not be comfortable, and yet to value FREEDOM we need to value it for everyone, not just the people who think and act and live like us. That is a big committment, well worth fighting for. 

As you live through your day today be grateful for living in a country where you can voice your opinion without fear of inprisonment. Take the opportunity to engage is lively conversation with someone who may not always agree with your opinion. The saying goes that iron sharpens iron…to stay sharp you need to be challanged. Take time today to talk it out and embrace the freedom we value…and have no fear of being moved to an asylum…disturbed or not, speak up!