Spring means the bugs come out. Here is our first Luna Moth of the season. The wings almost look as if they are furry. And the pink dots look as if they could be winking eyes. They only fly at night, and do not have a mouth…so adult Luna Moths only live about a week. This beauty shows up, flys for a short time then dies…all the effort of transforming from caterpillar into a moth to live for only a week.

Maybe the moth is a simple being and does not realize that their transformation will only allow them to live for about a week. Maybe they don’t know what will happen when they emerge from their cocoon. Maybe they just follow their instincts and move along the path that they were designed to follow. But what if they do know what is going to happen, and they do it anyway. To them the journey and week of life as a grand Luna Moth is worth everything they give up. Either way it is a very interesting example of giving up one life to lead another. 

Some time in all our lives we need to change – either by choice or from the result of circumstances beyond our control. The challange is facing both the=pets of change with dignity, grace and hope. Are you willing to change your world? Are you willing to give up everything you know to transform into a new being? Are you willing to leave behind the past to move towards a brighter future? 

As you face another day, think about what you want to change and how you plan to approach the change. It takes courage to change, it takes guts to move into a new path. It takes some little bit of zaniness to face the unknown and move forward with hope…so today be hopeful and face your changes with the enthusiasm of a Luna Moth. No matter how long it lasts, do it with brilliance.