With all the joy of Spring comes the realization that the blooms are only a temporary gift. Once they have given their brightest flower, they begin the process of dying. And during the dying process they generously contribute their nutrients to further the environment. Green leaves appear and we enjoy them throughout the months to come until Fall makes it’s debut. 

Today was a rainy day, Monday, and the beginning of a long week. Like these withering blooms, I felt spent. It can be a tough way to start the week. Knowing that you have a long road ahead and not the energy to face it all. Some days and weeks are like that….you start tired and regain your strength during the week instead of over the weekend. You go slow and work at a lower pace in order to finish strong. 

Because in reality it isn’t how you start but how you finish that matters. You can bloom bright and share with your world the most brilliant creative ideas, and yet if those ideas die with you then you have failed. What is amazing about spent blooms is the groundwork they lay for next year’s Spring blossoms. They plant seeds to make the future brighter, more beautiful, more brilliant. They contribute to the greater good by dying to self and giving of themselves to the future. 

So when you feel spent, low, or like this is not a good day. Give it a day. Keep up the good work and give yourself another day to recover, rejuvenate, revive. The seeds you spread today will only make tomorrow brighter, even if it doesn’t feel that way. Sometimes today is just a day you need to finish, in order to get to the better day of tomorrow.