With all the world coming to life, full and brimming with Spring…I saw this branch of a tree that was dying. The rest of the tree was growing and green, yet this portion was nearing the end of it’s life. Isn’t it strange that life and death can be present at the same time. 

It made me think about the things in my past that have had to die in order for me to move into the future. The most difficult ones were the tapes in my head. You know, the tapes that remind you of your short comings, all your mistakes, terrible experiences and the rotten way people made you feel. The ones that play when you are sad or depressed or fearful. They are the tapes that heighten the bad and prevent us from seeing any hope in the future. The tapes that remind us that we are not perfect and prone to doing things badly. 

The real sad part is that we often turn them on willingly and play them because they bring us comfort. It’s a bit psychotic, and yet we crawl back into our painful memories to live in the ‘security’. It might be horrible, yet it is the known, the comfort zone, the box we live in each and every day. The true battle is turning off the tapes and simply letting them die. Stop the madness and stop reliving the past.

Life and death are always going to be part of our world. To live life to the fullest – to find our gifts and use them to make life better – even if that means letting things die. So if part of your life needs to die, have the courage to let it. Have the courage to cut out the bad and give new energy to the future. Trim the branches that need to be pruned, and enjoy the new growth and new directions the future will bring.