Inspiration: Stuffed or Real…

This sleepy little fellow was in the seat in front of me on my flight home. Once we boarded, he konked out. We’ve all been there…tired of traveling, tired from all our vacation fun, tired of just being awake. Knowing we were leaving Orlando, my guess is his pal Stitch (the stuffed animal) was with him all week as he powered through Disney. What a great way to end a week’s vacation – a flight home hugging your buddy, snuggled into your seat all warm knowing that you will magically end up in your own bed still hugging your buddy. 

As you go through your day today, think about the last time you had an opportunity to travel with a friend. Someone you could laugh and joke with, someone who would enjoy the adventure as much as you do…someone who could retell the stories about getting lost better than you. Those are the people you want to travel with. Those are the people who make any destination fun. Those are the people who help you see things you might never have seen if you had traveled alone. 

Today give thanks for traveling with friends…stuffed or real – no matter which – they make our world a better place. 


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